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Daily rate

By ‘day‘ is understood 24 hours since the beginning of the car rental. In case of exceeding of this period by more than 1 hour another daily rate is charged! Minimum charge time of the car rental is 24 hours.


Returnable deposit will be blocked on credit card before the lending of the car. This deposit will be unblocked after the consequent return of the car. The deposit or its part can be used by the Lessor for expenses caused by the violation of the Rental Contract (e.g. nonrefueling, extra kilometres driven above daily or monthly limit of kilometres…).

Returnable deposit does not apply for the substitute vehicles.

Required documents

Needed documents have to be presented at the lending of the car at latest. In case of car delivery it is necessary to send these documents at latest 3 hours before the lending to email: pujcovna@kv-car.cz otherwise the car will not be delivered! The copies of the documents will be compared with their originals in the place!

Required documents for foreign customers:

  • Copy of valid passport, no ID card
  • Copy of valid driving license
  • Residence permit for Czech republic

Required documents for a legal person:

  • Copy of valid passport, no ID card
  • copy of valid driving licence
  • copy of valid business licence
  • copy of valid record from the Register of Companies
  • valid certificate of VAT payer

Required documents for foreign customers:

  • valid passport copy
  • valid driving license copy
  • Residence permit for Czech republic


Possible payment methods:

  • cash on vehicle delivery: the client pays rent in cash on vehicle delivery
  • payment by credit card on vehicle delivery: the client can pay the rent by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, American Express) at the handover of the vehicle, but in that case the price of the car rental fee is increased by approximately 3-4,5 % depending on the credit card type. The credit card payment has to be ordered in advance.

Rental Contract

Rental Contract is concluded for a fixed period of time, starting with the day of its signing. Rental Contract ceases after the expiration of the agreed time of lending. It is possible to extend the time of car rental, at latest 24 hours before the expiration of the time specified in the original contract and after the confirmation from the side of the Lessor. In such case all agreed conditions of car rental remain unchanged.

If a car is leased for more than one month, the charge till the end of the calendar month is payable immediately at signing the Rental Contract and for the following month always at the first day of the particular month.

Customer is obliged to return the vehicle including all accessories, documents and keys in time and the place defined in the Contract and in condition in which he took over the car, with regard to the usual wear.

Lessor can immediately withdraw from the Rental Contract in case of non-reimbursement of any debt or non-returning the vehicle and to imediately start with the proceeding that will result in returning the vehicle or the reimbursement of the outstanding debt and that including the intervention of a specialised group that will execute such steps in the place.

If the Rental Contract is signed before the beginning of the car rental, the Lessor guarantees the reservation of the car for the day specified in the Contract as the beginning of leasing. If the Customer denounces the Contract or does not collect the car, he will be charged as if he took over and used the car.

The Customer is obliged to announce to the Lessor any change of his address, company or the company headquarters, or any other changes that could affect the proper fulfilment of his obligations arising therefrom this Rental Contract.

Customer acknowledges the possible change of the car rental charges due to the unexpected changes of expenses, especially in the insurance, vehicle excise duty etc.

Conditions of the vehicle usage

The rented car can be used and driven only by persons specified in the Rental Conract. Customer is obliged to abide all valid regulations during the usage of the leased car, especially the rules of traffic operations and to behave in such way to avoid any damage to the property or health. Customer undertakes to pay fees for any offences in time of the car rental and this till 15 days after the delivering of the notice by the Lessor. Customer must not drive the vehicle after the consumption of alcohol, narcotics, prescription drugs or other substances that can afect his perception and ability to react or to allow such person to drive the car. Customer must not participate with the vehicle in competitions, races and similar events. The car can be only used on normal roads. To drive on public or closed circuits is not allowed. Violation of this regulation will be punished with a fine of 50000 CZK. Further the car must not be used for pushing or drawing of other vehicles, trailes or other objects and the Customer cannot execute any changes and modifications in the car. Smoking in all vehicles is prohibited. Smoking in vehicles will be punished by a fine of 5.000 CZK.

Customer is obliged to secure the car against theft, misuse or damage. In particular, he is obliged not to leave keys, documents and removable radio front panel in the parked car and to lock the car properly. The Lessor is entitled to demand the access to the car for the purpose of control if it is used in a proper way and in conformity with the conditions of the Rental Contract.

The expenses connected with the repair works are borne by the Lessor, except the cases the need of repair occured as a result of improper usage of the car (damage to the discs, tires, damage to the chassis, ...) or in conflict with the usual way of usage or by violation of the conditions of this Rental Contract, either by the Customer personally or by persons he allowed access to the car to.

Customer is obliged to announce to the Lessor without unreasonable delay all failures that occur during the car usage and require repair work. If the customer does not fulfil this obligation he is responsible for the damages consequently caused and loses the entitlements he would otherwise have in case of the impossibility or limited possibility to use the vehicle due to the defects.

Violation of any of these obligations is substantial breach of lease contract and the client is responsible for the damages in full.

In case of long-term car rental the Customer is obliged to deliver the car once in a month for the control of the technical condition of the car, eventually to enable its common maintenance. If the time of the service works exceeds 24 hours, Customer is entitled for a substitute car for the time of the service. If the Rental Contract specifies that the car must be serviced after a certain number of driven kilometres or a certain state of tachometer, Customer is obliged to deliver the car for the control, otherwise he will be responsible for any damage to the Lessor in connection with the non-fulfilment of these conditions of the vehicle usage. At the same time he is obliged to reimburse the driven kilometres above the monthly limit for the additional charge according to the valid Car Rental Pricelist.


The price of car rental includes legal insurance, general liability insurance with the limited responsibility for the damages caused by the driver (participation 10%, min. CZK 10000, insurance of the windscreen) and insurance against car theft (participation 10%, min. CZK 10000). Client is fully responsible for damages on the vehicle that happened during the time between the handover of the vehicle to the client and it's return to the rental office. Damage to the participation of 10%, min. 10.000, - CZK paid by the client.

Accident, damage and theft of the vehicle:

In case of road raffic accident, damage or theft of the vehicle or its part (regardles of whether caused by the Customer or not), the Customer is obliged to call POLICE to investigate the event and to issue the confirmation about the investigation or its result to Customer who is obliged to deliver it to the Lessor. The Customer is obliged to announce within 24 hours to the Lessor any occurrence of loss related to the rented car, the location of the vehicle and to secure that keys, documentation to the car are delivered to the Lessor without delay. The disabled vehicle must be secured against any further damage or theft. In the event of an accident is the client obliged to write "the Form of an accident".

Limitations on driving:

Limitations on driving can apply for travels to the countries of former Yugoslavia (except Croatia and Slovinia), former Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania.

Delivery and collection of the vehicle:

It is possible to deliver or collect the rented vehicle in Prague or out of Prague for charge according to the Car Rental Pricelist.


Fuels are not included in the price of the car rental. Vehicles are always rented as well as returned with full tank. Customer will be charged for nonrefueling according to the valid Car Rental Pricelist.

Assistance service:

Assistance service is included in the price of the car rental, which provides the road service including a mechanist, wrecking service and the delivery of a substitute vehicle within 24 hours after the accident not caused by the Customer. In case of accident or defect caused by the Customer the price of the assistance service is charged in conformity with the valid Car Rental Pricelist.

Protection of personal data:

Customer confirms that he is aware of his rights regarding the protection of personal data arising therefrom the generally binding regulations, especially from Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended. Customer is agreed to that the information about his person collected by the Lessor in conection with the conclusion of the Rental Contract, will be kept for the time required by the generally binding legal regulations and the time necessary for the protection of the Lessor and that such information will be used by the Lessor exclusively for the securing of his needs, mainly for the purpose of administering the Rental Contract, offering further services, eventually collecting a debt from the Customer, whereas all the aforesaid services can be secured for the Lessor by the third parties.

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